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Savile Row or "tailor-made" experience

Savile Row is in fact a street in Mayfair, in central London, known mainly for its traditional tailoring of suits for men.

Today, large companies, to reduce production costs and ensure mass production of frames, work on standard sizes and rely on components to adapt the entire bike to the customer.

This approach creates bikes with fixed frame angles; even bicycle assembly machines, designed to simulate them, are designed with fixed angles.

Savile Row Experience was born from the mind of Sergio Finazzi, a former cyclist who has always made custom-sized frames in titanium and Alessandro Leidi, industrial it engineer PLC specialized programmers who follows the start up of complex custom made machinery or entire industrial plants. together have devised a unique device, which records the position of the saddle and the handlebar while a pair of Cartesian coordinates in relation to four independent pistons, allows you to design the frame in absolute freedom.

Saville Row Experience uses those orthogonal points to calculate and design a custom sized frame and, thanks to some parameters that can be adjusted in the software, allows you to configure Road, MTB and Gravel Frames.

The Savile Row allows you to obtain a perfect titanium Nevi bicycle, letting you experience the true meaning of a tailored suit and allowing you to achieve maximum performance and comfort.

We create all kinds of bicycles. Gravel, road, mountain, tandem, Recumbent, E-bike, foldable. Frames are handcrafted solely in our workshop in Italy and welded in the best technology of the titanium inside a high vacuum chamber. 

We are big fans of titanium and bicycles, we do our job with great passion. Our mission is to simply create the best performing highest quality titanium bikes