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The Nevi company was founded in 1992. Right from the start, the goal was to distinguish itself from other brands of bicycle frames, this precisely by choosing to work a noble material such as titanium.

Finazzi took his desire to undertake this adventure precisely from his passion for the world of cycling: he was in fact a professional cyclist from 1987 to 1990. His stage victory at the Tirreno Adriatico in 1987 was famous, the third place overall at 1987 Tour of England and seventh place at the historic stage of  1988 of the Tour of Italy. This edition included the departure from Chiesa Valmalenco. The arrival of the runners, exhausted by the cold and bad weather faced on the Gavia Pass, was in Bormio. 

The queen of that stage was the snow and this intense experience, full of sacrifice but also of important memories, led, together with the passion for the mountains itself, to the choice of the company brand: Nevi

Innovation is at home here in the company: there were numerous ideas from Finazzi, supported by engineers from the world of titanium, subsequently developed.

With a titanium frame, with an attractive design, it was possible to achieve a greater stiffness than that generally given by a carbon frame.
We are talking about the “Spinas” model, more responsive than any carbon frame. The secret lies in the down tube, with its wider section and thin thickness, which ensures that the whole structure is more rigid and the weight of the frame is still contained.

The very latest creation was the rigid mountain-bike fork, strictly in titanium. An object that is beautiful to look at, functional and that tests have confirmed to be at the top of safety levels, like all our other products. It is suitable for paths that require a fast journey, dirt roads or paths that involve mixed terrain; all with maximum driveability.


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