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Titanium processing for industry and certifications

Titanium machining for industry and certifications - Highly qualified products to meet customers demands

CSQ ISO 9001: 2015 certified company
Consulenza e progettazione parti in titanio.
Titanium welding in HIGH VACUUM welding chamber. ALTO VUOTO.
Offer titanium machining

Weight reduction solutions for automotive, titanium welded structures such as roll bars and frames.

1100 rollbar 
1200  telai  bici 
2000 tubi realizzati da lamiera per il settore petrolifero. 

Nevi was founded in 1992 and today it is an efficient and dynamic company, which operates in various sectors, where quality and specialization in the processing of titanium and its alloy components are required. 

The company is able to meet the different needs of customers, for the production of small, medium and large series, starting from the raw material to the finished product. Nevi employs some special techniques in the manufacture of his frames. Water jet cutting allows Nevi to create new shapes and their frame welding takes place in a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber is the key to Nevi's quality.

Welding is performed in a completely inert atmosphere (saturated with argon gas), a process that allows obtaining results that cannot be objectively achieved with other titanium welding processes. Only welding in an argon gas atmosphere allows the characteristics of the titanium to be maintained unaltered and to weld joints starting from a section of 6-7 mm up to a section of 20 mm.

Argon welding creates a smooth appearance and is up to 3 times stronger than traditional welding. 

Thanks to the acquired technical know-how and special equipment, today the company is present not only in the cycling sector but also in the food, chemical, medical, motorcycle and automotive sectors. 

The Nevi industrial production cycle meets rigorous quality standards.

Titanium components are IMQ ISO 9001 certified and UNI EN ISO 9606-5:2001 welding certification.

Welding high vacuum chamber: